Semester Projects

Service Learning Internship Projects

Spring 2019

Safe and Just Cleaning Campaign by Sergio Albarracin

Map of Farm Field B by Wesley Low

Guide to Alley Pond Environmental Center by Kristine Alvarado
Alley Pond Guide Final

Spring 2018

NYCC – Committee on Environmental Protection

How do we protect both the environment and people from the rapid changes happening in our world? There are a multitude of proposed solutions, but in order to have any of them actually implemented, you need laws and support.

In New York City, the City Council has founded the Committee on Environmental Protection. A small group of elected officials and dedicated civil servants have come together to make the changes necessary to lead us into the future.

Directed/Created by Kent Williams
In association with Sergio Abarracin, Daniel Lefko, and Michael Naijman

Fall 2017

Stewardship Practices by Alicia Gonzalez

Hope you enjoy my educational video about stewardship and its practices!

Rent Regulation by Jessica Sanchez

Embodied Energy by Kateryna Ponomarenko


Hazards of Carpet Cleaning by Dan Murphy

Urban Farming and Sustainability (with slide presentation) by Klaudia Dziekonska

Understanding Energy Consumption at Home with Data Loggers by Christopher Faust

The Road to Public Housing (with handout) by Jasmine Luna

Energy Efficiency (with Prezi presentation) by Shadman Islam

SPRING 2017!!!

Independence and Sustainability Initiative by Lloyd Williams


Forest Explorers Program by Brooke Astarita


Energy Sustainability in Queens College by Corides Gonzalez


Long Island Sound Research by Mikael Kerr


The Environmental Law and Justice Project by Victor Hillergren


NYC MS4 Permit Project by Gordon Chike


A Sustainability Guide for the Office Environment and Business Operations by Dina Pugliesi


FALL 2016

Rooftop Turbines in the Built Environment by Collan Campbell

imag0231  Microsoft Word - Project_Internship.docx

Apec Ocean Lesson Plan by Steffani Ruf

imag0229  Microsoft Word - APEC OCEAN LESSON PLAN - DONE.docx

Science of the Living City Seminars by Margaret Mccabe

imag0234  Managed Retreat Project as of 11-18-16

Teacher Motivation w/in Garden Based Learning: Survey by Alina Firer


Cooking and Eating Together Class Curriculum by Christine Rocha


Pomonok Farmer’s Market and Food Box Program by Nicole Marin Torres

We Act for Environmental Justice by Nick Kisarewski


Semester Project: Alley Pond Environmental Center’s Flora and Fauna (Katie)

Because there are many high resolution pictures in the booklet I’ve broken it up into 4 documents so that it can be loaded to the blog.

Trees Count: Semester Final Project (Daniela)

Project discusses the need for tree biodiversity on city streets.
project booklet

Grow NYC: Semester Project (Adib)

Here are the documents that comprised of my semester project at my internship with GrowNYC.
The Future Is Now 10_6
Model Watershed Demo

Queens Botanical Garden: Compost Project (Jennifer)

Compost Project-Queens Botanical Garden

 Trees  Count: Brochure (Will)

Bronx Nursery: Beginners Guide (Alex)